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        Corning Lotus NXT Glass Substrate | High-Performance Glass Displays | Corning

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        Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

        Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

        Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

        High-performance display glass for LCD and OLED displays

        Lotus NXT Glass: Corning’s Display-Glass Solution for OLED and High-Resolution LCD

        By working in close collaboration with its customers, Corning developed a substrate that withstands the demanding manufacturing process involved in creating high-performance displays.

        Lotus NXT Glass provides industry-leading levels of low total pitch variation, outperforming competitor products using this metric by up to 45 percent. This results in brighter, more energy-efficient displays with higher resolutions for consumers and better yields for panel makers.

        Thermally and dimensionally stable, Lotus NXT Glass is formulated to perform exceptionally well in OLED and high-resolution LCD manufacturing processes that use either low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) or oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) backplanes.

        As the mobile display market looks more and more to OLED technology, Lotus NXT Glass continues to emerge as this industry’s display-glass leader for rigid and flexible OLED panels. Lotus NXT Glass is an ideal solution for two glass layers within a rigid OLED panel: the substrate and encapsulant. And while flexible OLED panels generally use a plastic substrate to enable curved – and even bendable – device designs, these plastic panels rely on a display-quality carrier like Lotus NXT Glass to thrive through the demanding manufacturing process.

        Simply put, Lotus NXT Glass is advantaged. It not only meets, but exceeds, current display industry requirements.

        Corning's OLED Solution

        Corning has achieved the display industry's optimized manufacturing solution for the growing OLED market. Learn more about OLED technology and the role Lotus NXT Glass plays to enable OLED devices of today and tomorrow.?

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        Lotus NXT Glass for LTPS-OLED Devices

        Helping Panel Makers Compete in the OLED Market

        Technical Paper

        Lotus NXT Glass, through its advantaged and balanced glass attributes, addresses the challenges of today's LTPS-OLED manufacturing processes.

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        Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Feature Panels Enabled by Lotus NXT Glass

        Lotus NXT Glass Chosen for Samsung Displays


        Corning announces Samsung Display's selection of Lotus NXT Glass as the carrier for its line of PI LTPS-OLED panels

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